How To Make A Minibike in 7 Days To Die

How To Make A Minibike in 7 Days To Die Quick Journeys

In the game “7 Days to Die”, you can quickly travel long distances by crafting a minibike. This guide will show you how to make one for yourself. It’s a relatively easy process, but there are a few things you need to know before getting started. So read on for all the details!

How to craft a minibike?

To craft a minibike in 7 Days to Die, you’ll need the following items:

  • Frame
  • Engine
  • Battery
  • Two Wheels
  • Tire
  • Seat
  • Handlebars
  • Lights
  • Reflector

Acquiring these items will require patience and a bit of hard work. You’ll need to scavenge for them (or trade them from other players). It’s best to stick with the materials that are easiest to find first, like the wheels, frame, handlebars, seat, engine or battery. Once you have those in your inventory, you can work your way towards the harder ones to find, if you so choose.

Once everything is acquired, simply place down the frame in front of you at a Workbench. Then, hold down E to open up your inventory and drag all the other items onto the frame in order until it tells you there are no more empty spaces in your toolbar. Then, click “assemble” and the minibike will appear in front of your character!

You should have no trouble getting this stuff if you loot buildings or abandoned cars. However, if you’d rather craft items yourself, the bike requires the following components:

  • 15x Metal Fragments (not to be confused with scrap metal; it’s much harder to find)
  • 5x Gasoline
  • 10x Leather

All of these items can be harvested by using either your bare hands (which is very slow), an axe (which is faster but depletes its durability faster), or a hunting knife (which is extremely fast but also depletes its durability quickly). Keep in mind that some items cannot be harvested by hand! For example, you can’t get gasoline without a gas can. Or tire rubber without tires.

Once you have the necessary items, you need to craft them into a minibike. You can do that at any workbench or unloading bench . Just drag the right items into the crafting grid to make it happen!

Where is an unloading bench?

An unloading bench can be found in most malls, hospitals, and airports. For example, you should find one at Wilkshire airport , south of Pleasant Valley. To use an unloading bench, just place your minibike on top of it and press “E” key to dismount your minibike. Then activate the bench with the same key to start working on your vehicle. After that’s done, press “E” again to mount your minibike and get moving!

Note: Dismounting your minibike requires 1 AP (Action Point). It might seem like a lot, but I find it to be well worth the trouble. Just try it out and see for yourself!

Where do you find gas cans?

Gas cans can be found in most explorer’s camps. For example, you should find one at Wilkshire . To loot a gas can, go there during night or dusk (or wait until that time of day), then press “E” while standing next to the campfire closest to the garage door (where all explorers are usually located). This should add a gas can to your inventory. Just place it on top your minibike and press “E” to siphon gas from it.

How much fuel do you need?

A full gas can contains 10 units of gasoline. This is enough to refill your minibike’s tank 5 times, if not more (it depends on the size of your tank). Make sure you don’t lose any! If that happens, just go back to an unloading bench and scoop some more out of a nearby explorer’s campfire.

How many seats do you need?

You should craft at least two seats for your minibike. That way you can carry up to three people at once: one driver and two passengers (that’s what I usually do). Plus it gives you some extra protection because everyone in your party gets hurt when your minibike blows up. You can find leather at the game’s many zombie hives, but keep in mind that they’re full of zombies! So if you want to acquire some by hand, be prepared for a tough fight.

How do I make lights?

Crafting LED lamps requires two metal sheets and one glass pane. Just put these things together on any crafting bench , then attach them to your minibike with duct tape . This will create two functional headlights, so no more crashing into objects at night! And believe me; hitting an unlit tree at night is very hard to avoid…

Do I need a battery?

Yes! The minimap in 7 Days to Die drains your car battery very fast (unless you turn it off). So always carry a spare with you! To craft one, just grab some wiring , electrical components , and scrap iron , then create the battery on any crafting bench.

Where do I find reflectors?

You can scavenge them from most abandoned cars or buy them at hardware stores . Then attach it to your minibike using duct tape . This is important if you want everyone in your party to have enough light for night driving. Without reflectors, you’ll be extremely hard to see after dark (which is not good when travelling through zombie-ridden cities!). Just keep that in mind!

How much does everything cost?

15 metal fragments are worth 1 Scrap Iron A full stack of 100 Scrap Iron costs 16 Scrap Copper 1 Car Battery costs 3 Electrical Component

This means that crafting a minibike will cost you about 1450 metal fragments in total. Not bad for an all-terrain vehicle, don’t you think?

Is this the only type of craftable minibike?

No. If you want to create some variety, just discard any extra seats or gas cans while your minibike is still on the unloading bench. This will remove them from your inventory. Then repeat! Pretty easy if you ask me!

Note: You can also attach guns and other weapons to your minibikes at any time by using duct tape . Just make sure they’re equipped with slots before attaching them (M4 rifle has two slots, while the AK-47 only has one).

What about minibike upgrades?

There are certain components (like engines , storage boxes, and bumpers ) that can be attached to your minibike at any time. To see what you currently have in your inventory, press “U” on your keyboard. This will bring up a window with all the items in your backpack (including an option to sort them by name or weight). You can then drag and drop items into compatible spaces on the minibike.

Can I attach armor plates?

Yes! For example, iron bars offer much better puncture resistance than metal sheets . Plus they’re much easier to acquire because there’s always some lying around in abandoned houses and barns .

How do I attach storage boxes?

Get yourself a wrench and use it on the unloading bench. Then select one of your empty storage spaces and press “E” on your keyboard to add an item (you can also click on an empty space outside the minibike, but that’s not as accurate). This will open up the storage window again, so you can then drag and drop items into that particular box. You’ll need four metal sheets for each new box; that’s all! Just remember that you can’t access any of these boxes while you’re driving (obviously). And there’s no way of attaching walls or roofs to them either… unless someone comes up with a workaround of course.

Note: If your minibike gets damaged, try using metal sheets to repair it. They’re worth less than iron bars , but they work just as well in most cases. And the best part is that you can find them almost anywhere!

Do I need a motorcycle stand?

Nope. Unlike other vehicles, minibikes don’t require gasoline so there’s no reason to go around and gather 20 of them for one journey (they do however use up a full bar of power). But if you want to add more components on top of that (like say some storage boxes or bumpers), then you’ll definitely need some extra space! So yeah; I’d recommend using one, at least while you’re still learning the ropes.

Here’s your first minibike!

Great! Now just place it inside any storage block and store it for future use.

How to make a minibike?

In order to make a minibike, you will first need a few things. They are:

  • Scrap metal (amount varies, depending on how many bikes you want)
  • An engine and battery (the battery is interchangeable with the gasoline storage unit, so it can be placed anywhere in your inventory or hotbar for easy access to refueling)
  • A frame (this is what your frame will look like when you’re done building it)

You may also choose to add a headlight and/or horn if desired. However, these parts are not necessary. All of these items can be crafted using basic materials that are found throughout the world of 7 Days To Die. The scrap metal obviously comes from any vehicle wreck. The engine and battery I recommend crafting first, as these parts are needed to actually build the bike.

The scrap metal can be found by hitting a vehicle with a sledgehammer. This will break it down into its base components, from which you can pick out what you need/want. The only item not obtainable from vehicles is the frame, as this must be crafted from wood planks. In order to make a wooden frame, you will need two things:

  • Wood planks (can be crafted from boards or sticks)
  • A workbench (only needs to have been used once before being able to construct frames)

Once you have everything ready to go, place your engine and battery on the workbench and hit it with your hammer. Then, place the frame in your inventory and craft it by hitting the workbench again. When you exit the crafting menu, there should be a minibike waiting for you on top of your engine and battery. Now it’s simply a matter of placing this newly created minibike into your hotbar to use whenever you want.

The process is similar when placing any other vehicle into your hotbar except that, if desired, you can choose which specific part to place where on the bike. This way, you can make sure all necessary parts are near each other for convenience sake. The same goes for anything else except building materials (which are all interchangeable), because they cannot be placed onto vehicles for quick transport purposes.

When your minibike is placed in your hotbar, you will see a “mount” action. Just click it and enjoy the ride! To dismount, hold down Shift+E for about one second then release. Doing this while moving will damage the bike slightly over time, so try to plan accordingly when stopping. Remember that all control keys are fully customizable through your keyboard settings menu if they do not work as defaulted out of the box.

How to use a minibike?

Once you have your minibike created, it’s time to learn how to use it! Here are the basic controls:

  • WASD or arrow keys to move (forward and reverse)
  • Spacebar to brake
  • Shift+E to dismount
  • C to change camera view (alternate between first and third person)

The default control scheme is based on using the arrow keys. You can customize this in your keyboard settings menu if you wish. To ride the bike, simply hold down WASD or the arrow keys and it will start moving. To turn, use either of those keys plus left or right mouse button. You can also use the numeral pad for this, if that’s your preference. The numeral pad can be customized to work in a similar fashion for WASD keys, but I haven’t played around with that much personally.

As far as the brake is concerned, it’s pretty simple to use. Hold down spacebar when you need to stop quickly and the bike will come to an abrupt halt in whatever direction it is facing. If you want to dismount when riding at full speed, simply hold down shift then press E while still holding down WASD. A prompt will appear on your screen to press either of the Shift+E keys (depends on what your preference is), and once you do it successfully, you’ll be dismounted with no damage done to the bike.

As always, there are several ways to customize any aspect of this game according to your tastes.

How to Handle a minibike?

Handling a minibike well can take practice. Your speed will slowly increase the longer you hold down the directional keys to move forward. For example, if I want to drive at full speed, I’ll keep my hands on WASD (or the arrow keys, if you prefer) and only let go after I feel like I’m going too fast. Holding down shift with E also can help slow down your momentum, if you need to make a turn or stop quickly.

There are some specific controls that allow things like braking or dismounting (which is only possible while moving at full speed), but you’ll figure all of that out in time.

The minibike is easy to control, but will take practice before you get the hang of it. Just remember, when in doubt, always make a backup save file before doing anything that might have irreversible consequences!


There’s many other things I could say about how to use and operate a minibike (and some advice isn’t even specific to this particular vehicle), but I think that would be best left for another guide at a later date. This article should allow you to safely make your first minibike by following the steps listed above.

Just remember, when in doubt, always make a backup save file before doing anything that might have irreversible consequences!

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is a minibike?

A minibike is a small, motorized vehicle that can be used for quick transportation in the game “7 Days to Die”. It’s relatively easy to make, but there are a few things you need to know before getting started. So read on for all the details!

How do I craft a minibike in 7 Days to Die?

Once you have all of the necessary items, open up your inventory and select the frame. Then, place the engine and battery in your inventory and craft them by hitting the workbench with all three items selected. Finally, place the wheels and seat on to the frame by dragging them from your inventory onto the empty spaces in the toolbar. Then, select “assemble” from the menu that pops up and voila! You now have a minibike.

Why do I need a battery and engine for my vehicle in 7 Days to Die?

The battery and engine are necessary to power the minibike. Without them, it will be unable to move.

Which parts of the bike can be customized when placing it on your hotbar in 7 Days to Die? 

The following parts of the bike can be customized when placing it on your hotbar in 7 Days to Die: Frame, Wheels, Tire, Seat, Handlebars, Lights, and Reflector.


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